Lifestyle Foods

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Rebranding
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Copywriting

After more than six years in business without a defined art direction, Lifestyle Foods' packaging had become a disjointed collection of disparate appearances.

We were brought on board to unify their product range with new packaging and a cohesive brand voice and identity that would position their healthy grab-and-go food offerings as an upscale lifestyle brand rather than a comedity food product.

The Challenge

With many of their competitors engaged in a race-to-the-bottom pricing stragey, growing their marketshare on price was a non-starter. Instead it was important to create a look and feel that would help consumers understand that if they were willing to pay a little bit more, they would receive a superior product.

Further, the brand's previous marketing direction was confused and scattershot, often using images of models in swimsuits, indirectly alienating key demographics of consumers.

The Solution

In designing a sleek new visual language for their products and marketing collateral, we breathed new life into the Lifestyle Foods brand.

Gone were the "glamour shots" that suggested to consumers that the product were for models and actors. Instead these were replaced by marketing materials that favored a simpler approach, allowing large product photos speak for themselves, with judicious use of negative space to ensure those product images demanded attention. This would help with consumer recognition while reducing cognitive dissonance.

Ultimately, this was tied together with the development of the "Health-venience" promise, doubling down on its core strength.


Honing in on the idea that while there are many options on the market that convenient yet unhealthy, as well as healthy but inconvenient, Lifestyle Foods products lived at the crossroads of healthy and convenient so we coined the term ‘Health-venience’ to describe how the products fit into consumer’s lifestyle.

This simple concept instantly expressed how the brand differed from competitors while showing that it didn't take itself too seriously.

As part of the move to position the products as premium, we simplified the visual tone of the packaging, opting for minimal packaging with bright contrasting colors against a base black background.

The addition of a spot UV coating to pull out design elements against the black background resulted in a sleek and stylish presentation.

While a salad is a salad is a salad, a side by side comparison with any other pre-packged option made the Lifestyle Foods offering look slick, modern, and upscale, effectively accomplishing our primary goal.

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