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We were brought on to help develop the brand identity and strategy for NuWood, an innovative new flooring product product combining both water and fire resistance!

As a new entry into a crowded marketplace, it was imperitive that the NuWood brand stand out. With careful thought, we crafted a brand and messaging that promised consumers that NuWood could be "Your Forever Floor" — durable enough to last a lifetime, and stylish enough that consumers wouldn't tire of its appearance over time.

The Challenge

Despite a constant churn of innovative new products, the flooring industry offers little in the way of creativity. Instead, many brands seem to languish in a "sea of the same" with little to distinguish them from each other.

Further, the industry at large does a poor job of informing consumers, leading to confusion and fustration in the marketplace.

It was imperitive that we forge a solution that avoided these potential problem areas.

The Solution

We opted to tackle the issue of consumer confusion head-on, working to carefully craft NuWood's messaging to alleviate this problem area. In so doing, we bundled all of NuWood's selling points into one of two broad categories, its "Infinite Durability" and its "Infinite Style".

This directly supported our topline message of the "Forever Floor", and was further fleshed out through the branding elements and trade dress, resulting in a singular unified message.

Your Forever Floor

With three simple words, the concept of NuWood could be quickly and easily understood by consumers — with NuWood one never need worry about replacing floors again. In other words (and perhaps most importantly), this single buying decision frees one from similar decisions in the future.

With that in mind, "Your Forever Floor" became more than just three words. Rather it is a promise made to the consumer. As such, it was key that this message was persistant and not meerly perceived to be a catchy slogan.

With the notions of "Infinitely Stylish" and "Infinitely Indetructable" in place, it immediately became clear that NuWood's logo would have to incoporate an infinity symbol. We accomplished this simply by using a figure 8 to replace the o's in "wood".

The resulting logo mark helped create a throughline to the messaging from the logo to NuWood's "Infinite Durability" to the promise of being the "Forever Floor", a consistant messaging is sent to consumers.

As a final detail, the colors used in the symbol represent the two extremes of NuWood's durability - waterproof and fireproof. This result is simple, bold, and most importantly, stands in stark contrast to other brands in the industry, delivering on the initial goal.

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