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In a crowded marketplace, positioning a new brand to stand out is of paramount importance.

We were approached to help build a brand identity and design packaging for The Simple Grape, a wine startup conceived on two core beliefs — that the average consumer can be intimidated by the process of selecting wines, and that pouched wine has the convenience of boxed wine without the waste of additional packaging.

The Challenge

Many bottled wines are labeled in an uninspired fashion. As a result, browsing a wine aisle can often feel like drowning in an ocean of the same product.

Boxed wine brands often aim for friendlier branding with the presumption that true “wine snobs” would never deign to purchase wine outside of an uncorked bottle. However, in so doing, these brands often feel “cheap” as a result.

The Solution

Aware of the potential pitfalls, we worked to create branding that felt friendlier and inviting to wine-novices, while being careful not to be off-putting to addiciandos.

The result bridges the two demographics and carefully avoids exclusion by presenting itself as an upscale alternative to boxed wine.

A Balancing Act

The Simple Grape had a vision to create a brand that felt friendly and was free of the pretentiousness that wines can carry, while being careful to avoid appearing as a “budget” brand.

As one way of softening the intimidation that can accompany wine selection, we devised a simple visual to show how the wine ranged on a continuum, of sweet to dry. This was purposefully placed prominanetly at the top of the packaging in support of one of The Simple Grape's core values.

Of less prominence but equal importance, the lower third of the packaging displays a more thorough description of the wine's notes. Finally, pairing recommendations are provided in a friendly and straightforward manner.

I had a vision for what I wanted the simple grape to be, but no way to express it visually. After a single consultation, Jeff delivered exactly what I was hoping for and more, creating distinctive packaging that looks both inviting and upscale.

Grace Keller


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