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When bringing a new brand to market — especially in the competitive field of home decor — it’s important to put the best foot forward and launch with a look and voice that will not only resonate, but be distinct from is already available.

To that end, we were approached to develop a brand identity and strategy for a line of peel-and-stick wood paneling for interior wall decor. With no grand vision beyond the product itself, the project was an ideal blank slate.

The Challenge

Despite an ever-growing interest in home improvement and the DIY sector, it can be difficult for a decor brand to break through the noise unless endorsed by, or carrying the name of, a celebrity or star of an HGTV series.

Further, despite the growth in the market, there are just as many — if not more — who are turned off by the perceived headache of DIY home improvements.

The Solution

After several rounds of brainstorming to get at the core of the product, it became apparent that the brand needed to promise the ability to transform a room with minimal effort, providing an end result that would leave both homeowner and houseguest impressed with the results.

With all of this in mind, Wall-La-La was born.

From Wall to Wow!

In expanding on the core message that Wall-La-La can transform a space, taking an ordinary wall and turning it into a focal point, we coined the tagline “From Wall to Wow!”. As the adage says — a picture is worth a thousand words — so we were sure to show the transformation from a generic neutrally painted room to one that used Wall-La-La to create an accent wall in its website and marketing materials.

At the risk of playing to the stereotype of most home decor decisions being driven by women, Wall-La-La was designed with a feminine aesthetic.

The Wall-La-La logo uses a friendly and modern typeface and accented with hearts to help further convey that customers would love the result. To dial back the feminine energy just a bit, we eschewed an obvious red/pink color pallet in favor or something more neutral. As a result, the Wall-La-La brand is clearly fishing for a female demographic without being exclusionary.

Wall-La-La packaging
Wall-La-La marketing materials
Wall-La-La packaging

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